Valle d'Itria

Why should you spend your holiday in Valle d’Itria?

A region that can provide for all your needs, no matter what they are.

An incredible combination of countryside and village sand coast where thousand-year old olive groves are as fascinating as historical rocky villages, ecclesiastical architecture as charming as rural buildings, historic towns are as enchanting as areas of natural beauty and the captivating flavours of food from the land and sea will set your taste buds alight.

You can come back to the Valle d’Itria again and again without the risk of getting bored.

Situated at the heart of Puglia, Il Carpino Holiday Home is a strategic place from where you can reach, with little travel,many tourist attractions, renowned for their charm and beauty:


Martina Franca

A small town which originally was built on the top of two hills and is known as the “baroque pearl” of the area Murgia dei Trulli. The little white houses of the old town are built along twisting streets and dominated by the beautiful, surrounding baroque buildings.


A small town which is characterized by a circular historical town center where the narrow white alleys branch off within. Cummerse sloping roof houses typical of this region – and its many churches are well worth visiting.


A Valle d’Itria town which stands few kilometres away from the Adriatic Coast, Cisternino too is considered among the most beautiful Italian villages. It offers a fascinating historical centre which is dominated by Porta  Grande Tower on which the St. Nicola statue rises.


A town, whose old center, is entirely composed of Trulli, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Castellana Grotte

A town which owes its name and especially its touristic fame to The Castellana Caves; whose formations are famous all over the world. The caves are located a short walk from the town centre.


A small town located on the top of three hills. Its charm and its nickname of “The White Town” are related to the traditional lime paint finish that characterises the buildings of its antique centre.

Polignano a Mare

Well-known as “The Pearl of Adriatic”; Its distinctive features are a crystal clear sea and rocky cliffs decorated by impressive caves dug by the strength of the waves.


A small town where nearby are two tourist sites that are not to be missed: The archaeological site of Egnazia and Zoo safari, the biggest zoo in Italy.



Its precious centre is surrounded by The Quarter of Ceramics, the creative hotbed of refined terracotta works which has made this town famous all over the world.


Well-known as “The city of two seas”. The old and new town are connected by two bridges: The Rocky Bridge and the Swing Bridge, a fascinating mechanical engineering work. Another tourist attraction is the Aragonese Castle.

Ceglie Messapica

A small town with a noble soul and past. It is famous for the Cegliese Biscuit, a typical dessert made with almonds, the perfect snack to eat whilst exploring the historic town centre.

Day trip

Discover all the exciting day trips that the region offers.

Gravina del Vuolo

Gravina del Vuolo is located between the boundary of Massafra, Martina Franca and Crispiano. It is an fossil river surrounded by woodland and Mediterranean scrubland. Walking down the river will bring you to a series of caves; the most famous of them is the Roman Sergeant’s Cave, the base camp of a famous Apulian bandit and his gang.

Bosco delle Pianelle

A nature park in the area of Martina Franca, it stretches over an area of 1.205 hectares and contains the Crispiano and Massafra districts. In the forest you can walk or cycle along various paths and eat or have a break in the picnic areas.

Apulian Aqueduct Trail

By bike or foot, this trail goes along the historic Apulian “hidden river” which flows through unique, natural environments characterised by Mediterranean scrub and the typical conical building.. the trulli.

Gal trails for bicycle

These trails twist and turn through the rural areas of Valle d’Itria, dotted with farm buildings, vineyards and olive groves. They offer fans of cycling and walking a unique experience: the chance to discover the splendour of nature. The Gal trails will allow you to visit scenic countryside, archaeological areas and historic and cultural sites.

Pay to visit


OLIVE OIL MILL, specialized in the production of extra virgin olive oil, and WINERIES, producing top quality wines, which are harmoniously integrated in Valle d’Itria territory. An interesting tour which, through a close-up discovery and taste itineraries, allow you to best understand the work and the passion which are consecrated to the transformation and realization of the final product


The tour throughout the rearing farm allow you the opportunity to discover the most famous donkey race in the world: The Donkey of Martina Franca well-known for its size and its grey snout.

An unforgettable experience in the countryside to understand the culture and the tradition which revolves around Donkey of Martina Franca.