Festival Della Valle d’Itria – Giulietta & Romeo

Festival Della Valle d’Itria – Giulietta & Romeo

The Festival della Valle d’Itria at its 44^ edition reopens the doors to the open-air theater : Giulietta and Romeo

From July 13, 2018 to August 4, 2018, in the harmonious frame of the Baroque Town Hall of Martina Franca,

Evenings between words and music in Valle d’Itria. Take advantage of this cultural opportunity to experience the experience of staying in fantastic trulli. Contact Holiday House Il Carpino in Martina Franca and immediately request availability and information.

For more information about the Festival you visit: http://www.festivaldellavalleditria.it/

To request availability: https://www.casavacanzeilcarpino.it/contattaci/

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